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    “To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.” ― Winston Churchill

    • 2019
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v2.0.3 September 1, 2019
      • Completely revised anatomical model
      • Structures of the carpal joint
      • Microscopic model of suspensory apparatus
      • Improved rendering quality
    • 2016
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.8.0 April 27, 2016
      • French translation
      • Dutch translation
      • Tooltip delay for hovering over structures elements
      • Simplified quality settings (performance boost)
      • Simplified license activation
      • Accept serial keys
      • Notification for available updates
      • Removed automatic updating to prevent crashes during update process
      • Flipping applied to MiniMap
      • Transparency for partial mesh states
      • Colors in presentation slides
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.7.3 February 29, 2016
      • Slider for shadow effects in Settings Panel
      • Alpha channel in slide previews
      • Tooltips with keyboard shortcuts
      • Render context after switching quality settings
      • Reset state at startup
        Known Issues
      • Linux build crashes unless started with -force-opengl option
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.7.2 January 26, 2016
      • TreeView always shows option buttons
      • Set visibility for complete 3D model in TreeView
      • TIFF support for importing images in presentation slides
      • Model can be aligned to main axes using 3D rotation tool
      • Set highlight color in Settings Dialog
      • Delayed tooltips on model hovering, delayed highlighting on TreeView hovering
      • TreeView extended / simple mode button
      • Detection of correct structures (not the obscured ones)
      • Tooltips
      • Model labels generated in Werkman Horseshoe Tool popping up when changing language
      • Flickering scrollbar when loading presentations with many slides
      • Presentation file I/O: missing labels
        Known Issues
      • Performance problems in full screen mode
      • Incorrect structure detection if not reset to normal bone alignment (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.7.1 January 12, 2016
      • Slide control in presentation playback via arrow keys for compatibility with common presenter hardware
      • Error preventing presentation files to be loaded
      • Resetting mesh visibilities on Reset button click
    • 2015
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.7.0 December 14, 2015
      • Major improvement of rendering quality
      • Color selection for anatomical structures
      • Fading structures in and out in presentation slide transitions or when clicking on anatomical terms in TreeView
      • Extended Treeview mode with many additional functions
      • Behavior of mouse click on Treeview entry can be changed: Adding structures mode vs. exclusive structure mode, accessible in Extended Treeview mode
      • In-App display of release notes when update becomes available
      • Added Open Toe Shoe (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Incorrect text display in License Info Panel and Updates Panel
      • Correct structure highlighting when movement is disabled (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Query on all structures is disabled and stays this way (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
        Known Issues
      • Compatibility problems on some OS X versions
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.6.2 November 23, 2015
      • Horseshoe-specific structure highlighting during footing animation (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Text labels (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Specify slide transition time in seconds in presentation tool
      • Choose background color instead of background brightness in general settings
      • Tooltips now show for correct amount of time
      • Several model glitches (blood vessels penetrating ligaments)
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.6.1 July 2, 2015
      • Users can switch off automatic model movement (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Info buttons close information window when clicked a second time (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Horseshoe tool button closes tool window when visible (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Disable controls for inactive biomechanical effects (Werkman Horseshoe Tool)
      • Non-responsive areas in viewer window
      • Improved 3D hoof model with graphical errors removed
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.6.0 May 19, 2015
      • Added Werkman Horseshoe Tool
        Known Issues
      • Compatibility problem on many OSX versions
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.5.0 May 12, 2015
      • Swedish translation of anatomical structures / user interface (thanks to Maria Bucht)
      • Tool Bar: Added a button for hiding / displaying model navigation buttons
      • Tool Bar: Moved Reset Button to the top bar next to the history buttons
      • Presentation Tool: Presentations are stored in separate files for simplified sharing
      • Presentation Tool: Removed Collection mode
      • Arrow Editor: Added 3D gizmo to rotate / move arrows
      • File Browser Dialog: Added button to change to application directory
      • File Browser Dialog: Added image preview
      • File Browser Dialog: User can enter a new filename for saving data
      • Anatomy Tree View: click on label in "Single structure mode" (x) makes all other structures transparent, "Add structures mode" (+) makes a hidden / transparent structure fully opaque
      • 3D Model: Double-click on a structure hides this structure (virtual dissection)
      • Error when saving large presentations
      • Inconsistent states in Presentation tool
      • Incorrect file locations on Mac
      • File I/O errors when accessing files with in File Browser
        Known Issues
      • Compatibility problem on many OSX versions
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.4.1 April 14, 2015
      • Added support for relative file locations for video embedding in presentation files
      • Smooth fade in and out of image slides
      • Slide transition speed control in presentation editor
      • Incorrect image slide position in presentation mode
      • Slide view time starts when camera movement has finished
      • Non-matching preview if slide contains image display
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.4.0 April 7, 2015
      • Improved license activation process (see our tutorial video on YouTube)
      • Automatic export of individual presentation files
      • Import of interactive presentations that were created on a different computer
      • Improved quality of text labels
      • Information area with list of authors
      • Improved performance when loading images as slides in presentation mode
      • Video playback in image slides of presentation
      • Home directory button in File Browser
      • Removed License info in Updates panel
      • Removed Automatic playback checkbox in presenter; automatic playback is performed on Play button click
      • Misplaced presentation items in ScrollView
      • Fixed problem with blurry text of graphical user interface
      • Instant highlighting in TreeView works correctly with query matches
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.3.0 February 5, 2015
      • Added possibility to add 3D arrows dynamically to the scene (look for the icon in the toolbar)
    • 2014
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.2.0 December 19, 2014
      • Added possibility to add images to presentations
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.1.0 November 26, 2014
      • Added label feature
      • Added file dialog for screenshots and presentations
      • Better MiniMap
      • GUI polishing
      • Fixed update functionality
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.0.4 June 30, 2014
      • Added fullscreen button in web app
      • Added welcome panel
      • Fixed overlapping top bar controls
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.0.3 June 2, 2014
      • Structure highlighting (in-situ) when hovering over model
      • Display selected structures on top of hoof model when hovering over the anatomy treeview
      • Added flag symbols in the language panel
      • Rearranged some toolbox icons
      • Adjusted settings panel layout with collapsible sections in order to fit more controls
      • Made text on all the labels sharper and crisper
      • Fixed some graphical glitches in the 3D hoof model
        Known Issues
      • Update panel will sometimes show scrambled text on some linux versions (standalone only)
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.0.2 April 7, 2014
      • Added Polish and Italian language support
      • Settings will be saved on quit
      • Adjustable background brightness
      • View state history with back and forward buttons
      • Presentation mode can store multiple collections with user-defined names
      • Renamed soft tissue structures
      • Play and presentation buttons now work properly
      • Fixed some inconsistent structure names
        Known Issues
      • After resizing the anatomy treeview, structure selection in model does not work anymore
      • When the hoof model is moved out of view, the last correct view sometimes cannot be reconstructed and the default view angle will be set instead
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.0.1 January 6, 2014
      • Screenshot capturing (standalone only)
      • Presentation mode
      • Added soft tissue structures: skin, digital laminae, corium, horn capsule
      • Vertical rotation does not stop at top and bottom view
      • Enhanced the anatomy treeview with triple states for object visibility: full, transparent, completely hidden
      • Improved smooth camera movement
        Known Issues
      • Play button must be clicked twice to start playback
      • Presentation mode button must be clicked twice to show the presentation editor
      • Inconsistent naming convention for model labels
    • Equine Hoof Explorer for Desktop v1.0.0 November 1, 2013

      Initial release

        Known Issues
      • Vertical rotation stops when near the top or bottom view

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