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    Legal information

    Free Model Movement
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Explore the model in every detail and from any desired angle via axes rotation, horizontal and vertical movements as well as zooming in and out.

    Extensive Program Settings
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Create your own user experience by configuring quality features, background color, input sensitivity and many more options in the settings panel.

    Anatomy List
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    As in any anatomy atlas, there is an index of all structures found in the model. The index is hierarchically organized and can be used for navigation and the selection of various elements as well.

    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    It's easy to go back to previous views. Equine Hoof Explorer stores a list of recent views, which you can browse via the history buttons just as in any web browser.

    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    We currently support English and German. The names of anatomical structures can also be displayed in Latin.

    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Explore the various program settings to create your desired look and feel, e. g. change the background color.

    Structure Selection and Highlighting
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Create a custom view of the model displaying only the structures of interest. Structures can be displayed either fully opaque, transparent or completely hidden.

    Transparency Configuration
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Using transparency is a powerful tool to display selected structures exclusively preserving the spacial context.

    Search Function
    (Desktop & iPad)

    Looking for any structures in particular? You can use the integrated search function looking for matches in the anatomical names. Use operators AND, OR, and NOT to refine search queries.

    Presentation Mode
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Save your favourite views in a slide show. Previously created presentations can be played automatically. This is great for teaching and customer dialogues.

    Color Selection
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Use customized colors to highlight specific anatomical structures found in the model.

    Cutting Tool
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Set cuts through the model like you want. Cut through all layers simultaneously or individual structures and create an image of the anatomical structures, as you want it.

    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Use labels to customize Equine Hoof Explorer in order to optimize your learning, research, and presentation material.

    Arrow Tool
    (Online, Desktop & iPad)

    Add arrows dynamically to the scene to point to specific structures of the hoof model.

    Werkman Horseshoe Tool
    (Online & Desktop)

    See how different horseshoes affect the hoof's anatomical relations and biophysical properties. Different effects are presented using interactive 3D model animation, model highlighting, videos, and pictures.

    Exploded View

    The exploded view provides insights into all parts of the hoof model with a single click.

    Detailed special models
    (Online & Desktop)

    Detailed 3D models of the blood vessels and the suspensory apparatus allow even more detailed insights into the horse's hoof.

    Carpal Joint
    (Online & Desktop)

    The 3D model has been extended beyond the carpal joint. Just take a look yourself: Equine Hoof Explorer Online


    To prevent you from getting lost in the details of the model, this features displays a miniature version of the hoof indicating your current viewpoint, position, and viewing angle.

    Add images

    Add your own images to enhance your 3D presentations.

    Coloring Presets

    Change between two color schemes applied to the anatomical model.

    Get all the features of Equine Hoof Explorer

    Equine Hoof Explorer has given me a better understanding of the spatial relationships between the structures of the equine hoof.

    Lauren Moore
    Bachelor of Equine Science, Student of Veterinary Medicine, University of Leipzig