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    Equine Hoof Explorer Online

    Easy access in  Chrome &  Firefox browser

    The new Equine Hoof Explorer is online – now platform-independent in your browser and extended to the carpal joint.

    Discover more than 210 anatomical structures of the horse hoof. Developed with veterinarians, Equine Hoof Explorer is your tool for professional consulting and education.

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    Award winning

    7th Leipzig Veterinary Congress

    Equine Hoof Explorer was awarded the prize for innovation in Veterinary Medicine in the category of research, teaching, and development. Winning this prize marks a milestone in the project as this sets the stage for the development of similar tools.

    Explore more than 210 structures of the equine hoof in 3D and master the horse foot anatomy

    Equine Hoof Explorer opens new doors to understanding the horse’s foot and it does so in a spectacular "high tech" way that does not require high tech skills.

    Fran Jurga
    Hoofcare Publishing and Media, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA,


    From experts

    Scientifically reviewed by leading anatomy experts from Leipzig University.


    Choose between the languages German and English. All anatomical structures can also be displayed with Latin names


    Available online in the browsers
    Chrome & Firefox

    Just to name a few of the features...

    3D graphics of the equine hoof

    Need 3D rendered images or 3D animations of the horse hoof?

    Amazing! Learning anatomy has never been so straightforward and exciting at the same time.

    Tom Merten
    Student of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bern

    Our partners

    Flying Anvil Foundation
    Universität Leipzig - Veterinärmedizinische Fakultät
    Werkman Horseshoes